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UONL Membership Fee (due Feb 1st)

Membership Categories

Full Membership - $105/year
A full Member is a nurse who holds:

  • The highest level management position(s) in a healthcare institution or system

  • A line management position with operational responsibilities including patient care and human resource management. This individual may be at the first line management level

  • A position within the health care institution/system with responsibility for specialized administrative duties, but who does not necessarily have accountability for the leadership of a patient care unit. This could be a case manager or a director for administrative services

  • A position which interfaces with nurses in direct management by providing consultation of staff services. This could be a Clinical Nurse Specialist, a Nursing Consultant, a Nurse Educator, a Director of Nursing Research, or a leader in a nursing agency

Academic Membership - $105/year
An Academic Member is a nurse faculty member at an accredited educational program who is either in a leadership role in his/her institution or is involved in educating nurses for leadership positions.

Retired Membership - $65/year
Retired Members are those who have been a past member of UONL and are now retired from practice.

Graduate Membership - $55/year
A Graduate Member is a nurse who is currently enrolled (at least half-time) in a graduate education program designed for leadership in the health care industry.

Corporate Membership - $205/year
A Corporate Member is a business or institution which is interested in current nursing and health care advancements. This membership is non-voting. 

Download a copy of the UONL Membership Brochure by clicking here