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UONL President's Message

March 10, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your support and membership in the Utah Organization of Nurse Leaders (UONL). I am excited for the opportunity to represent the organization as President for this ensuing term.  We have a collection of passionate nurse leaders who are working to ensure our profession and work is relevant, innovative and meets the future needs of our communities and state.

In January the out-going board members and in-coming board members met at Westminster College for an evening dinner meeting.  We had the opportunity to express great appreciation to Gay Cunningham as the outgoing President, Sue Childress who has served as Treasurer, and Beth Cole, Nominating Chair/Past President.  They have each served us well!  We were able to welcome the new board members:  Kevin McEwan, President-Elect, Gayle Sturgis, Leadership Development, Angie Scartezenia, Treasurer, and Barbara Wilson, Academic Leadership/Workforce Development.

UONL is an affiliate of the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) with a Mission to shape health care through innovative and expert nursing leadership, and Vision of global nursing leadership – one voice advancing health. The Mission of UONL is to advance the health of all Utah residents through innovation and cultivation of excellence in nursing leadership. The Vision of UONL is to shape the future of health care by elevating nursing leadership.

UONL will achieve its’ mission through three avenues:  Leadership Cultivation, Advocacy and Health Policy, and Workforce Development. Key objectives include:

  1. Providing a collaborative environment for nurse leaders to have an interchange of ideas, which enhances the nursing profession in Utah, as well as personal and professional growth and development.
  2. Assessing the environment for its influence on nursing practice, nursing education and health care delivery.
  3. Developing strategic and collaborative partnerships by utilizing processes of education, professional development, leadership activities and research to support nursing and healthcare issues on local, statewide, and national levels.
  4. Promoting standards for nursing leadership in service and education.
  5. Evaluation of nursing process, organization, administration, education, and professional development throughout the State.
  6. Participating in the formation of public policies that improve the health of our communities.

As a valued member, you know the benefits of associating with UONL and its’ members. I would encourage each of you to share an invitation with your non-member colleagues so that they too can benefit from the association of our members, while also adding their great contributions to our growing nurse leadership team.

Membership is open to any registered nurse who: 

  1. Holds an organizational role in administration/management where health care is delivered
  2. Is a faculty in a graduate and/or undergraduate nursing program
  3. Is a consultant in nursing
  4. Is a retired UONL member
  5. Aspires to a leadership position
  6. Associate membership is open to full-time nursing students

The UONL Board listened to the many requests to set up an electronic payment system for dues and conferences.  With the help of Sue Childress, Treasurer, we now have a Pay Pal Account that can be used for this purpose.  In order to establish the electronic payment we created a web-site. The web site is www.utahnurseleaders.com.  We are in the process of populating that site so please give us suggestions.  This should be your go-to site for newsletters, activities, new member registrations, and dues renewal payments. 

I will be representing UONL at the AONE annual conference in Fort Worth, Texas on March 30th.  I plan to bring back information to share with you in our newsletters. If you are planning on attending please let me know so we can network.

My goal for UONL is to help you succeed as a nursing leader through your active participation with our board and committee meetings, electronic communications, annual conferences, and newsletters. I invite you to read reports and updates provided to you and note the progress being made on nationally important issues. We are at many tables where our voices can make a difference in nursing and the future of healthcare!  The strength of UONL is in its membership. Please accept our invitation to help make a difference!  Please renew your memberships, and invite your colleagues to join as well!

All my best,

Lisa Paletta

Lisa A. Paletta, RN, MPA, NEA, BC, FACHE
UONL President
Office: 801 357-2820 Cell: 801 372 3296

Fax: 801.357.7780 / lisa.paletta@imail.org